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  • (+30) 26840 32750, 6978633420

Επικοινωνία – Χάρτης Διαδρομής

(+30) 26840 32750, 6978633420
Valtos Parga Tax.Code 48060 Greece
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Dallas Valtos is only 5 minutes walking distance away from Valtos Beach in a quiet green enviroment. Valtos beach is located on the right side of the Parga city center. The beach is away from busy roads but still close to reach this picturesque and colorful town, full of lovely narrow streets. Valtos beach is wide with small smooth pebbles and is surrounded by breathtaking scenery of green and turquoise blue water. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and water sports center (water skiing, paddle boats, banana boat, windsurfing, scuba diving).


  • Θα μας βρείτε 800 μέτρα ευθεία από την παραλία του Βάλτου
  • Σημείο Α – Παραλία του Βάλτου
  • Σημείο B – Dallas Valtos Studios

Συντεταγμένες για το Dallas Valtos: 39.288404616294834, 20.380195184659836

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