Parga Greece Parga Greece

Parga was known in ancient times as Paragiros, Paragea and Ypargos where it’s current name came from. It was ancient Toryni as Ptolemy and Plutarch say.

The Normans built the first fort in the 14th century and since then Parga passed in the hands of Venetians,  French, Britishand  Turks. During the Venetian rule,  Parga had considerable privileges that  enjoyed economic prosperity and was  a bridge between the Turkish-occupied Greece and Venice.

Parga existed as a settlement since Byzantine times . The first mention of Parga with that name made ​​in 1387 by John Kantakouzenos describing Parga  as one of the main cities of Epirus . The population of the city increased after the influx of residents of Vagentias ( opposite Corfu ) , about 1370.

Source. Parga Portal

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